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News and Events

Ranelagh Cup 2018

13 Jul 2018

The Ranelagh Cup, held the weekend before last, was hotly contested in every sense.  We had a total of 11 fencers start – yes, eleven! – and frankly too many spectators to list in addition to a good number of onlookers on account of the Hurlingham’s garden party.

The roster of fencers included guest Kola Ayanwale, Phil Barbasiewicz, Tony Bartlett, Tony Bowran, Andrew Brannon, Rob and Sue Brooks, Edmund Gray, Tristan Lane, Steve Lennox and myself.

On reflection we should have split the group into two poules, however, we attempted a poule unique after which Tristan and Andrew fought a barrage to decide the victor. The Cup was eventually claimed by Andrew, a mere 27 years since he last won it!