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News and Events

Epee Club Cup

11 Jun 2018

Yesterday we ran the Epée Club Cup, held at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre.

There was a good quality field of fencers, with 32 competitors in all split as usual between two pools.  After 5 rounds and 240 fights across the two pools Tom Bennett, Matt Cooper, Jack Bell and Antoine Belot emerged from Pool Eddie Knott, as did Calum Maynard, Richard Phelps, Owen Jordan and defending champion Arthur Lannigan-O’Keefe from Pool Boris Berliand.

All DE fights were hotly contested with four of them, including the final, decided 15-14.  In the final our very own Tom Bennett lost out to Calum Maynard, with Richard Phelps winning the prize for best veteran and Natalya Coyle best female.