News and Events

News and Events

Marmalade 2018

5 Sep 2018

I've had reports back of a very pleasant time had at the Marmalade Trophy chez Edmund's last Saturday.There were 7 fencers in all - Malcolm Allton, Rob & Sue Brooks, Edmund Gray, Ralph Johnson, Da...

Lavradio Cup 2018

30 Jul 2018

The Lavradio Cup was held on Saturday at the Hurlingham Club with 6 fencers in total – Phil Barbasiewicz, Rob and Sue Brooks, Alp Orge, Anton Pollard and myself – with a good number of non...

Ranelagh Cup 2018

13 Jul 2018

The Ranelagh Cup, held the weekend before last, was hotly contested in every sense.  We had a total of 11 fencers start – yes, eleven! – and frankly too many spectators to list in add...

Lefroy 2018

18 Jun 2018

A pleasant afternoon was had by all yesterday at the Hurlingham Club.  With the weather holding out and the bouches system in place we had seven members vying for the Lefroy Cup: Phil Barbasiewic...

Epee Club Cup

11 Jun 2018

Yesterday we ran the Epée Club Cup, held at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre.There was a good quality field of fencers, with 32 competitors in all split as usual between two pools.  After 5 ro...

AGM & Dinner 2018

14 May 2018

Firstly a big well done to all our members – Chris Howser, Neal Mallett, Caryl Oliver, Anton Pollard and Georgina Usher – who competed at the European Veteran Team Champ’s held in th...

Lavradio Cup 2017

27 Mar 2018

Spring is finally here!  As I write this, it is tipping down outside and I am still defrosting after my ride in to the office.Anyhow, our last meeting of the 2017-18 season took place at the week...

Evill Cup 2018

26 Feb 2018

We had a fair turnout yesterday at the Lansdowne Club for our penultimate meeting of the season.  The Evill Cup, employing the bouches system, ensured some keenly-contested fights throughout.We h...

Lefroy Cup 2017

7 Feb 2018

Attached is the participants photo taken just before an excellent carvery lunch in the Lansdowne Dining Room ( that came as a bit of a shock to the 4 others – they thought Market Tavern &ndash...

Colonel Hay One Hit 2017

15 Dec 2017

A collection of members met at the Lansdowne Club on Wednesday evening for the Colonel Hay 1 Hit and Christmas Dinner.We had 7 participants in all: Andrew Brannon, Lawrence Burr, Edmund Gray, Caryl Ol...

Ranelagh & Fildes Cups 2017

3 Jul 2017

A good day's fencing yesterday for the Ranelagh & Fildes (ladies) Cups.  We had two pools of 7 with the top lady and gent from each fencing for their respective Cup. Ingrid Heskett won the l...

CIO Update

13 Jun 2017

Check out our CIO page for the latest news on our Charitable Incorporated Organisation which supports GB épée.

Epée Club Cup - Results

11 Jun 2017

Thank you to all who attended the 2017 Epée Club Cup yesterday, held at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre. A good day of fencing with Arthur Lannigan O'Keefe winning the Cup; Jason Scrimshaw and Ge...

2017 AGM & Inns of Court Gold Cup

13 May 2017

Our AGM and dinner was held last Friday evening at the Army & Navy Club.  There were 22 of us in attendance, with the meeting itself containing some good discussion around the progress of the...

Evill Cup 2017

20 Feb 2017

Our final meeting of the 2016-17 season, the Evill Cup, was held yesterday at the Lansdowne Club with the ‘bouches’ system in use.   The pool was refereed by our President, David Pa...

Donations for the Development of Epée - 2017

12 Jan 2017

A new initiative to épée back into the forefront of British Fencing has been launched by the Epée Club.  The first meeting of the British Epée Development Committee wa...

Lavradio Cup 2016

30 Jul 2016

A good turnout for our last summer poule of 2016 at the Hurlingham Club. Eight fencers competed in a poule unique - Malcolm Allton, Alain Barbasiewicz, Philippe Barbasiewicz, Andrew Brannon, Rob and S...

Marmalade Trophy 2016

23 Jul 2016

A poule unique of seven, refereed by Pat Casey, was contested by Malcolm Allton, Rob and Sue Brooks, Edmund Gray, Neal Mallett, Ken Pearman and Alain Barbasiewicz – using wireless scoring equipm...

Lefroy Cup 2016

16 Jul 2016

The weather held out for us yesterday on the sun-dappled lawns of the Hurlingham Club.  We had four competitors – Rob and Sue Brooks, David Partridge and Alain Barbasiewicz – vying fo...

Ranelagh & Fildes Cups 2016

26 Jun 2016

Today both the Ranelagh and Fildes Cups were held at the Hurlingham Club.  We were lucky with the weather as we kept dry, but the windscreen wipers were in use on the journey home. Sue Brook...

Epée Club Cup 2016

12 Jun 2016

The Club Cup took place at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre in London.  Despite a number of late withdrawals we had 30 fencers in total and a strong field. There were two poules unique, each of ...

AGM & Inns of Court Gold Cup

14 May 2016

On Friday evening we held our 2016 Annual General Meeting at the Carlton Club.  There were 22 members in attendance with the meeting itself taking place - after some technical assistance from the...

Evill Cup 2016

21 Feb 2016

There was a good turnout today at the Lansdowne Club for the Evill Cup which was contested by Alain Barbasiewicz, Philippe Barbasiewicz, Tony Bowran, Rob Brooks, Ted Hudson, Neal Mallett, Caryl Oliver...

Colonel Hay & Christmas Dinner 2016

9 Dec 2015

The one-hit competition was contested by Tony Bowran, Edmund Gray, our President and Alain Barbasiewicz and a number of fencers from the Lansdowne Club. The Cup was won by Alain Barbasiewicz and then...

Épée Club Cup

17 May 2015

The Epée Club Cup made a return with a high quality line-up of 20 fencers.  Hosted at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre, it was won by British no.1 Tom Curran-Jones.

AGM & Inns of Court Gold Cup 2015

9 May 2015

Twenty one members attended the 2015 AGM which was held at the Farmers Club in Whitehall. David Teasdale, Chair of the BFA, was guest. The Boris Berliand trophy was awarded to Alain Barbasiewicz. The...

Evill Cup 2015

21 Feb 2015

Evill Cup The 2015 Evill Cup was won by Tom Cadman.  Participants included Sue Brooks, Tony Bowran, Steve Lennox, David Partridge, Tom Cadman and Anton Pollard.  The winner was decided with ...

Colonel Hay & Chirstmas Dinner 2014

1 Dec 2014

We had a good turnout at the Lansdowne Club for the Colonel Hay One Hit competition and Christmas dinner, with 8 members put in the mix with 5 Lansdowne fencers.  Our members battling it out incl...

Inns of Court Gold Cup 2014

1 Nov 2014

The re-scheduled Inns of Court was held at the Lansdowne Club.  The Cup was keenly contested by Rob Brooks, Tom Cadman, Tristan Lane, David Partridge and Alain Barbasiewicz, with Sue Brooks refer...

Commonwealth Games

1 Nov 2014

A number of our members competed at the 2014 Commonwealth Games which were held in Largs, Scotland.  Pat Casey refereed and we had twelve competitors in total with the list of medallists below. ...

Lefroy Cup 2014

1 Aug 2014

The weather was on our side at the Hurlingham Club, and our President and Pat Casey refereed.  The Cup was contested by Rob and Sue Brooks, Edmund Gray, Marc Burkhalter, Philippe Barbasiewicz and...

Ranelagh & Fildes Cups 2014

1 Jun 2014

A total of 10 members and 2 guests fenced at the Hurlingham Club's garden party.  Georgina Usher and Neil Mallett won the Fildes and Ranelagh Cups respectively.  A tough day's fencing in lov...

AGM 2014

9 May 2014

Twenty five members attended the 2014 AGM held at the Naval Club, Mayfair, on Friday 9 May.  We welcomed member / British Fencing's CEO Georgina Usher, and celebrated the 50 years of Club members...

Evill Cup 2014

23 Feb 2014

Well done to Philippe Barbasiewicz, who defended the Evill Cup after winning a hard-fought decider, 5-4, against brother Alain B. David Partridge, Rob Brooks and Tony Bowran also fenced, wit...


1 Feb 2014

Congratulations to Georgina Usher, an Epée Club member since 1999, who has been appointed by the BFA as their new CEO.  The announcement is as follows: "Georgina Usher brings a wealth of ...

Lavradio Cup 2013

1 Aug 2013

Well done to Alain Barbasiewicz who defended the Lavradio Cup after a hard-fought poule, beating Rob Brooks in a barrage.  Phil Barbasiewicz and Anton Pollard came equal 3rd.

Lefroy Cup 2013

1 Jul 2013

Well done to Alain Barbasiewicz, winner of the 2013 Lefroy Cup.

Ranelagh Cup 2013

1 Jun 2013

Well done to George Liston, winner of the 2013 Ranelagh Cup.

Inns of Court Gold Cup 2013

11 May 2013

An excellent day’s fencing outside of the Orangery at the Hurlingham Club. The rain threatened but never fell. We had a good turnout and Marc Burkhalter was presented with the winner’s cup...

AGM 2013

10 May 2013

We had 22 members and Peter King (CEO BFA) as our guest. The three new Committee Members chosen at the meeting were Sue Brooks, Kate Smith and Karen Saunders – a formidable trio of ladies! The t...

FIE Hall of Fame

1 May 2013

This is the FIE Centenary Year (1913 – 2013). To mark this occasion, the FIE has established the FIE Hall of Fame in order to “celebrate the heroes of fencing past and present, across the ...

Lavradio Cup 2013

1 Apr 2013

The Lavradio Cup was held on 28 April at the Lansdowne Club. Ted Hudson, Al and Phil Barbasiewicz, Anton Pollard and our President engaged in combat together with a guest fencer – Steve Steinber...